Promoting gospel preaching in Ethiopia

Promoting gospel preaching in Ethiopia
Mostyn Roberts
Mostyn Roberts Mostyn Roberts is pastor at Welwyn Evangelical Church.
03 January, 2023 3 min read
Abraham Belew Mr Belew is the founder of Brana Gospel Focus Ministry.

An exciting new ministry is working to encourage gospel preaching in Ethiopia. Christian roots in Ethiopia go back to the earliest centuries. The treasurer of Candace ‘the queen of the Ethiopians’ (Acts 8:27) may have been the seed-bearer of a church in northeast Africa.

But roots sometimes need refreshing, and a group of Ethiopian pastors are trying to strengthen the preaching of the Bible in evangelical churches in the country.

Brana Gospel Focus Ministry, founded and directed by Abraham Belew (an Ethiopian pastor and former student at London Seminary), was launched in May 2021. ‘Brana’ is the Amharic word for ‘parchment’ (2 Timothy 4:13).
The ministry has three mission objectives and programs:

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