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Publishers of the ‘Christian Hymns’ hymnbook seek volunteers to help develop and expand the resource

Publishers of the ‘Christian Hymns’ hymnbook seek volunteers to help develop and expand the resource
Martin Leech
Martin Leech
06 April, 2022 1 min read

The publishers of the widely-used hymn book Christian Hymns are looking for volunteers to help develop the resource for churches.

They especially want to embrace even more opportunities created by digital technology to make the resource more flexible, adaptable, and expandable.

They intend to continue to provide a physical hymnbook, but also to offer more digital content – words, music and playable tune files – via the website and apps.

They are seeking people to get involved with the development, and they want to form a voluntary community of content creators, editors, and software engineers.

Anyone interested should contact them at: to tell them a little about yourself and to receive more information about what they want to do.

Christian Hymns was first published by the Evangelical Movement of Wales and the Christian Hymns Committee more than 40 years ago.

The present edition was published nearly 20 years ago. Today, in addition to the physical hymnbook, there is an app version for Apple and Android devices, which also includes the 2003 Sing Psalms produced by the Free Church of Scotland. The app also includes playable tune files for all the hymns and psalms of both books.

Many have reported how useful the app has been during the pandemic, for example, when physical books were not available in church services or for personal devotions.

The sister app Daily Readings from C. H. Spurgeon and J. C. Ryle also draws from Christian Hymns for its hymn content.

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