Raising Children God’s Way

Raising Children God’s Way
Raising Children God’s Way
Annette Williams
01 March, 2008 1 min read

With so many books on the market for parents – who are usually pressed for time and strapped for cash – what makes this one different? Basically, it consists of five sermons preached by Dr Lloyd-Jones in a slim paperback with a bright, attractive cover.

The sermons were originally preached as part of a series on Ephesians and published in the 1970s, those in this book being taken from the sixth volume, Life in the Spirit. Some may find it easier to read a selection on a particular theme than to tackle the larger volume. In dealing with family issues generally, the sermons are not directed solely to parents but also to children and others too.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix solution to temper tantrums or what time to put your eight-year-old to bed, you’ll be disappointed. This Doctor is no super-nanny! Neither will you get trendy terminology, current sociological analysis or pop psychology.

What you will find is sound biblical teaching and wise counsel from an experienced pastor and teacher, and his words are just as challenging for us now as they were when preached.

Lloyd-Jones insists that the practical issues of family life need to be rooted in our understanding of biblical truth. With helpful insight, he examines themes such as submissiveness, discipline and parental responsibility, giving clear and specific Christian thinking and teaching.

So, can old sermons, preached before some parents were even born (before the Fimbles, Harry Potter and iPods came on the scene), really be relevant for today? The answer is, ‘Yes’, because Scripture continues to be! A worthwhile read.

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