Reaching the lost in the open air

Reaching the lost in the open air
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JP Earnest
29 September, 2022 6 min read

Some churches have unsaved people gathering with them each week, and so, encouragingly, they come regularly under the sound of the gospel. But that is not the experience of every church. In fact, the average Brit would not dream of darkening the doorstep of a Bible-believing, gospel-preaching church.

Obviously, we rejoice when the ones and the twos actually come in, but we have to acknowledge that seems very rare today. No matter how hard we try with evangelistic events and services, isn’t it difficult to get people over the threshold today?

Where they are

Of all the ways in which the Lord has blessed the church to evangelise, surely the one method with the potential of reaching many personally and directly is open-air evangelism. Yes, we should always look at additional opportunities to share the gospel in the life of the church, but how many are beyond the four walls of our meeting places?

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