Revd David C. Potter MBE (1939–2023)

Revd David C. Potter MBE (1939–2023)
David and Madeleine Potter
Sheila Stephen Sheila Stephen is Lecturer in Pastoral Theology. Her academic background is in Biblical Studies and Social Theory & Institutions as well as Counselling. She is a professional counsellor, clinical
05 March, 2024 1 min read

Revd David C. Potter, a prolific author, arresting preacher, engaging conference speaker, and powerful advocate for disabled people, has died aged 84.

David worked as an editor of Evangelical Times in its early days. He was a pastor at the time and also contributed articles to the newspaper.

In November 1973, he wrote an article which changed his life. ‘A cause for concern’ described an unsolved problem facing hundreds of Christian parents who were concerned about the future care of adult children with learning disabilities. What would happen when they were too old or too frail to continue?

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