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Safe? How can we be sure of God’s love

Tony Pietersen Tony is the pastor of Emmanuel Church, Workington.
31 March, 2014 1 min read
Safe? How can we be sure of God’s love

Frank Retief
Christian Focus Publications
144, £5.99
ISBN: 978-1-84550-970-5
Star Rating: 4

Have you ever felt that you are not good enough for God? Do you live in some fear that he might never accept you, or even reject you? Do you perhaps think that God’s approval and acceptance depends on your performance? If so, this book has been written for you. You will find it of great help in your daily walk with Jesus.

It is written ‘to help us all understand how great our salvation is, how definite it is, how sure and certain it is, because it is rooted in the character of the God of all truth who cannot lie’ and ‘to help those people who have truly received Christ as their Saviour, but are confused by the feeling that nothing seems to have changed’.

Retief’s approach is theologically sound, pastorally helpful and biblically reassuring. He takes the deep and profound truths of the gospel and makes them understandable. He brings an understanding of the struggles, fears and spiritual challenges many Christians encounter, especially in the helpful chapter, ‘When things go wrong’.

This book is easy to read and includes illustrations and definitions that help apply these great truths to the reader. The chapter that particularly stirred my heart was on the glory of God and how, one day, we who love Christ will share in that glory.

Readers will be left praising God for his amazing gift of salvation and reassured in their walk with God.

Tony Pietersen

Tony is the pastor of Emmanuel Church, Workington.
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