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Same-sex marriage: is it really the same?

Same-sex marriage: is it really the same?
Richard Atherton The author is a retired solicitor.
30 June, 2013 1 min read

Same-sex marriage: is it really the same?

Mark Christopher
Day One, 123 pages, £6.00
ISBN: 978-1846251634

Star Rating: 3

This book is a mine of information about this current, controversial topic, and an eye-opener for those who see only what the media presents.

The author admits that he has written ‘a brief treatise on the subject’, so the book does not deal with all the issues, but the first three chapters are especially helpful. Chapter one outlines the divine purpose of marriage — reflective (of God’s nature), complete (humanity is male and female), cohesive (one flesh), productive (children) and exhilarating (Proverbs 5).

Chapter two exposes the presuppositions motivating the same-sex marriage lobby, and chapter three warns of some of the dangers posed by same-sex marriage.

There are three appendices giving examples of what is happening in countries (Canada, South Africa and Scandinavian) which have legalised same-sex marriage, but a drawback is that the book was published in 2009 and merely reprinted in 2012, so the examples only tell us what was happening four years ago.

Also, the author is an American serving as a pastor in South Africa, so the focus is mainly on these two countries. But we need to know what is happening here in the UK and not reported in the media.

That said, this is well written and a valuable tool in the battle for preserving true, biblical marriage.

Richard Atherton  

The author is a retired solicitor.
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