Sarah Edwards: Delighting in God

Sarah Edwards: Delighting in God
Julie Winch
08 August, 2023 1 min read

Author: Sharon James
Publisher: Evangelical Press
141 pages
Purchase from: EP Books (£8.99)

In this highly readable biography of Sarah Edwards, Sharon James provides us with a valuable insight into the profound impact of revival in an individual’s life.

The book is divided into three sections. The first begins with a clear yet nuanced introduction to the history and culture of the New England into which Sarah was born. It then describes her childhood, marriage, and motherhood in dignified terms reminiscent of Sharon’s other writing on God’s design for women. The second section describes the revival in Northampton (1734-42) using first-hand accounts of which Sarah’s own testimony is the centrepiece. The third section movingly recounts the lasting fruit of Sarah’s personal revival in her ‘resignation of all to God’ amid severe trials.

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