Scotland shows the direction of travel

Scotland shows the direction of travel
Emma Roddick MSP
Mike Judge
Mike Judge Mike Judge. Editor of Evangelical Times, and pastor of Chorlton Evangelical Church in Manchester.
25 January, 2024 1 min read

For our readers in Scotland, it is alarming to hear the government in Holyrood is seriously considering a law that could see parents and pastors sent to prison for up to seven years just because they don’t support a child’s sex change. No wonder secular newspapers have opinion pieces with headlines like, ‘Half-baked plan from Holyrood’s gender zealots must be stopped’.

The Scottish government’s proposals are so extreme that they have managed to unite the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alliance with the Roman Catholic Church and the Free Church of Scotland, who all have expressed concern at just how far these draconian laws go. Let’s be clear: in a democracy people need to be free to express opinions on social issues without fear of being thrown in prison.

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