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Seeking Allah, finding Jesus

Seeking Allah, finding Jesus
Gladys Nash Gladys lives in Northampton.
01 March, 2017 2 min read

Does it delight you to know of Muslims coming to Christ? If so, you will enjoy this book.

You will be invited into a loving, happy Muslim home in America, where Muslim education begins on the day of birth, as the call to prayer is whispered into the baby’s ear, and continues daily thereafter. You will walk with Nabeel Qureshi, as he passes through childhood as a good ambassador for Islam, becomes close friends with a Christian at university, and embarks on a two- or three-year dialogue, each examining the other’s claims in detail.

Though young, David had a clear understanding of biblical truth, while Nabeel could only argue from learnt objections to the deity of Jesus, his actual death on the cross, the resurrection, the Trinity and the inspiration and reliability of the Bible.

After much heartache and study, and after discussion with other Christian apologists these objections were eventually overcome. Still unwilling to come to Christ, he went back to his father’s books to prove Islam was superior. However, he found problems with the airbrushed version of the life of Mohammed and with the historicity and content of the Koran.

All he had been taught was based on error and his good deeds would never outweigh the bad. The foundations of his faith were crumbling and his only hope of knowing God was to trust in the work of Christ on the cross.

For a Muslim to embrace Christ is often to risk all. So, acting as a Muslim, he asked God for dreams and signs to confirm his conclusions. We may be unsure about this, but, as with Gideon when he put out his fleece, God graciously gave him what he asked. Even then the road was hard. Read of the soul-searching as he counted the cost, and reflect on the difference as we westerners rarely face such a cost.

This book, with its short chapters and narrative style, will give you an insight into the Muslim heart and mind, and the inner struggle of a Muslim called to faith in Christ. You will learn not just about the way the truths of the gospel challenge Islam, but much about the way to defend the truth and how to ‘give a reason for the hope that is in you’.

Gladys Nash


Gladys lives in Northampton.
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