Seeking God rather than self

Seeking God rather than self
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Geoff Thomas
Geoff Thomas Geoff Thomas is a well-known author and conference speaker and was pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth for over 50 years.
31 October, 2023 5 min read

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has in her house her own meditation room. Its walls are covered from floor to ceiling in Post-it notes. What do they say? Things like this:

‘Today is the day you start trusting yourself.’ There is another note that cries out, ‘spiritual superhero!’ Another says, ‘permission’.

Barrymore feels she can ‘escape’ to this room where she can be surrounded on all sides by self-help messages. It is her attempt to ‘align herself with the universe’.

Joe Pesci, another film star, owns a mansion which contains ‘his room’, which includes a celebration of his life and work. The walls are covered with movie posters from all the films he has appeared in. Included is a huge image of him holding the Oscar statuette he was awarded in 1990.

Such rooms are not uncommon, and are purposely outfitted as places where individuals believe they can reaffirm and rediscover themselves.

Meeting God

For those of us who are Christians, we also seek out a special meeting place – albeit with God rather than an ideal of ourselves. We can do this; we can encounter God himself, through the medium of his Word, the Bible.

Of course, you can take your Bible anywhere, and it is a great pleasure of the Christian life to be on a hilltop, or at the seaside, or just parked in your car and reading the Word.

For regular, disciplined reading, a place is needed that’s as free from distraction and as conducive to study as possible. Our Saviour went to a garden, Peter had a rooftop, and Elijah an upper room.

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