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Andrew Rowell
Andrew Rowell The author is pastor of Grace Evangelical Church, Carlisle.
01 April, 2012 1 min read

DVD review — Set in stone
58 minutes, Truth in Science, £12.95

The organisation Truth in Science has done us a real service in providing this high quality, thought-provoking documentary DVD.
   The documentary begins and ends at Siccar Point, a geological site made famous by James Hutton’s visit in 1788. As a result of studies of its rock formation, Hutton adopted a gradualist, uniformitarian view of geology.
   Uniformitarianism is the view that processes taking place today have continued over vast periods of time and explain the entire story of the rocks today. Hutton put it this way: ‘We find no vestige of a beginning; no prospect of an end’.
   Hutton’s theory was popularised by Charles Lyell in his book The principles of geology. It was this book that Charles Darwin was reading on his famous voyage on the Beagle, and it was this that caused a revolution in Darwin’s thinking, providing a framework for his theory of evolution.
   The DVD unpacks a series of published geological discoveries that cast serious doubt on an exclusively uniformitarian view of geology, and provide solid evidence for catastrophism.
   Returning to Siccar Point with the presenter, at the end of the documentary, the huge question posed is whether or not the evidence for millions of years of geological history is solid.
   The answer is that the evidence from the rocks themselves point to a catastrophic past; the clear implication being that proposed immense time-scales are highly dubious.
   I would encourage you to purchase and watch this DVD. Give it to young people who are being influenced by an evolutionary, atheistic world view, or who are studying biology or geology.
Andrew Rowell

Andrew Rowell
The author is pastor of Grace Evangelical Church, Carlisle.
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