Seven million fans of King Charles will get this

Seven million fans of King Charles will get this
'One-Million pound' banknote (back)
Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort Ray Comfort is CEO of Living Waters.
04 May, 2023 2 min read

Living Waters began way back in 1974, in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Its purpose has never changed. We exist to equip Christians to share the gospel with a dying world.

In 1989 we moved the ministry to Southern California, where things were quiet for a few years, until suddenly doors swung open after I had the honour of teaching something called ‘Hell’s best kept secret’ to 1,000 pastors in San Jose,

Then in 2001 the well-known actor, Kirk Cameron, heard the teaching and wanted to combine ministries. That resulted in the production of a television program called ‘The Way of the Master’, which is now seen in over 190 countries.

In other words, the world is going to church!

Late in 2022, I began thinking about the fact that on 6 May 2023, King Charles will lay his hand on the Bible and promise to uphold the biblical truth of salvation by grace through faith. This will be done in a church service that will be broadcast worldwide and watched by hundreds of millions of people.

Charles will be given a number of swords. One is the blunt sword of mercy and the other is the sharp sword of justice – symbolic of the mercy of God in the gospel, and the wrath of God on Judgment Day.

He will also carry an orb – a globe with a cross on the top, symbolic of the reign of Jesus Christ over the whole earth. A total of ten events will take place during the church service, all symbolising the gospel of salvation, and all of them
witnessed by hundreds of millions of unbelievers. In other words, the world is going to church.

I began thinking that it would be wonderful to create a gospel tract that looked like a £50 note, with Charles on the front and the gospel on the back. I then made a short video about it in order to share my thoughts with my advisory team. Just
after I had sent it to them, I received an email from a Christian brother who asked what I was working on. I sent him the video, and he sent the ministry $200,000. I showed someone else, and they sent $50,000, and then another person, and they sent $100,000.

We proceeded to produce 7 million gospel tracts as well as 500,000 copies of a 100-page book entitled Defender of the Faith. All these are being offered to Christians free of charge – and we pay the postage to anywhere in the UK or Europe.

This is not an endorsement of King Charles. Rather we are doing something similar to what Paul did in Athens when he preached to the Athenians. He quoted Greek poets, and he did that as a bridge to reach his hearers. We are simply using the spiritual nature of the coronation as a bridge to reach millions of people with the gospel. When in human history has there been an opportunity like this?

What is more is that those who are given these tracts will value them, because they will see them as memorabilia of a glorious event. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you by. To obtain your free tracts with free postage, go to LivingWaters.com/London.

By Ray Comfort, CEO of Living Waters

Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort is CEO of Living Waters.
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