Sex in society

Jason Ramsey
01 November, 2006 3 min read

Sex! Excellent, we’re awake. Good morning at the back there. Real sensitive issue here but one I wanted to raise in the youth supplement but no one else wanted to write about.
However, I would like to point out I am no expert and I’m not going to go dishing out advice – because I know my own life is not faultless and I’m not old enough to talk from experience.
But thankfully the oldest Person in the Universe is our eternal God and he allows us to know his mind through his Word, the Bible – which therefore is the best place to start when looking at any issue.

Is sex wrong?

No. Absolutely not! We live in a day when people tell us truth is relative and that what’s wrong for some is right for others. But I can tell you now there is no relativism in this subject – because God created sex to be used within marriage between one man and one woman.
By that last statement I’ve just made myself the most un-politically correct man in Yorkshire. But at least I’m in line with the biblical view of sex.

Should I watch a TV programme with sex in it?

I admit that I entitled this article after the TV soap Sex in the city. No, I’ve never seen it – for one thing it’s on far too late to even tempt me.
But is it wrong to watch a TV programme about sex? Or should I say, one that contains sexual scenes at some point? Well I’m not going to give you a straight yes or no answer. But the Bible in several places talks about keeping your mind clean. David, who had serious issues in his sex life, wrote several psalms asking for the Lord to keep his mind clean.

Paul in 1 Corinthians reminds us that ‘everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial’. If you think you’ll be affected in a bad way by seeing such scenes, even for a moment, then don’t watch.
But I am a realist. You deserve a medal if you can find many TV shows with no sex in them. Personally, I’m absolutely disillusioned with the TV business at the moment. I pray that the Lord will show you what is right and best.

Should my language reflect sex?

Am I going to say you should never talk about sex? No. You see, the benefit of a 17-year-old writing this article and not a 57 year-old is that I experience school and I suspect school is a lot different to what it was 40 years ago (or is it?)
You are bound to hear others talk about sex and you’ll get asked questions about sex. That’s pretty frank and honest. Expect it, especially as you get older in your school life, and be prepared to talk about it without being embarrassed.
But should your language reflect the subject? Well, the Bible says let your conversation be seasoned with salt – which means basically, make sure you’re careful and keep a tight rein on the conversation.
Most importantly, make sure Christ is glorified and that his view of sex is upheld. And see that the gospel is presented to those poor lost souls who can think of nothing else but sex.

Can I laugh at dirty jokes?

In a society when pornography is a flourishing industry and there seem to be more paedophiles than 24-hour supermarkets, we need to be so careful with this subject. And that is why I give you a straight answer to this question.
You should never laugh at or even listen to jokes that are vulgar. Remember, you’re an ambassador for Christ on this earth and God hates abuse of his great gift of sex. Imagine if an ambassador of our Queen went to Ethiopia for a dinner and made a series of racist jokes? But Christians are ambassadors and representatives of a greater Monarch – the living God of heaven and earth.
So brothers and sisters, do you struggle with this subject? Join the club! But, no matter how old or young you are, there is one thing that must always remain sure. Our foundation must not move. Let us stay true to the biblical view of sex as something holy that is not to be degraded by coarse jesting.
Let our refusal to join in with depraved jokes and conversations show others what their consciences already know – that we have all offended a holy God and need to come before him in repentance and faith. I do pray God will help you in this area.

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