Sri Lanka

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 August, 2012 1 min read

Sri Lanka

Christian Tamils are afraid but have nowhere to complain, a spokesman for the Lanka Evangelical Fellowship of Churches has warned.
   He said although the civil war came to an end three years ago, the situation in the country is far from normal, with hundreds of Tamils being rounded up from villages and put into ‘rehabilitation camps’.
   A Christian children’s home at 6th Mile Post is also being subjected to enormous pressure from the government to ‘close up everything’.
   The spokesman said some of the Christian Tamils, particularly men who have recently given their lives to Christ, are considering going abroad to be safe from attacks. One man, who escaped in 2008 after being attacked by an armed gang, is struggling with the European authorities to get recognition as an asylum seeker.
   The spokesman said, ‘Next week the court is going to take the final decision, and we urgently need to pray for him and his family, as he will probably be deported. If he returns, he could well be killed because of his life before he was saved’.
   In other areas, ‘believers are intimidated and threatened’ as they try to build churches or maintain Christian ministry in villages.

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