Still not known

Still not known
Roger Hitchings
Roger Hitchings Roger Hitchings has pursued an itinerant ministry since his retirement. He regularly speaks and writes on old age and dementia, and is chair of the Reformation and Revival Fellowship.
20 September, 2017 4 min read

It is the glorious privilege of every believer to be able to say, ‘I know the Lord’. But how well do we know him?

That is the issue we began to look at last month. The Saviour is ever with us, as he promised, and his Spirit is ever active within us. Yet our understanding and experience of the Lord is far from what it could be.

The disciples had walked together with Jesus for three years, heard the most amazing teaching, seen wonderful displays of compassion and power, spent quiet times in conversation together with him and heard his sublime prayers.

Life with Jesus had been challenging, but beautiful and delightful. Then he announced he was leaving them. The disciples were devastated and so confused. There then followed the most wonderful discourse by the Lord, recorded in John 14.

And one of our greatest weaknesses — more today than ever probably — is that we do not meditate on the great things
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