Study day

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01 March, 2012 1 min read

Study day

The John Owen Centre (JOC) is bringing its Doctrine Study Day to Sheffield, Bradford-on-Avon and Belfast.
   The third study day on the doctrine of Scripture has already stopped off at Guildford, and is due to hit Sheffield on 8 March, Bradford-on-Avon on 14 March and Belfast on 29 March. These are all open meetings, so email to be put in touch with the organisers to book a space. The days may run this autumn as well.
   One delegate to the study day last year said, ‘This provided comprehensive and wide-ranging evidence for Scripture’s self-understanding as covenant treaty.
   ‘This robust treatment laid the foundation for a number of useful discussions about the effect of this thesis upon our ministry of the gospel. For me, the day led to a renewed gratitude and submission to our speaking, covenant Lord’.
   In addition, the next JOC Hebrew study day with David Green will be on Isaiah 6 and 53. It will run at the London Theological Seminary on 6 March and in Halifax on 15 March.
   The JOC conference, from 10-11 September, will be held at LTS and be called ‘Adam: in the Bible, the church, and the world’. JOC director Garry Williams said, ‘It is always tempting to put on a conference on something trendy and to invite someone really famous to speak to pull in the crowds, but we’re resisting the temptation.
   ‘Adam is under increasing fire from some scientists and moral critics of the Bible’s doctrine of original sin, but also from voices within the church. This poses unique challenges for pastors and preachers: how do we teach and preach Adam today?’
   The conference will look at Adam from a number of angles: Adam in the Old Testament (David Green); Adam in the New Testament and systematic theology (Lane Tipton); Adam in covenant theology (Garry Williams); Adam and original sin (Steve Jeffery); and Preaching Adam to Adam’s race (Michael McClenahan).

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