Stuffers, UFOs and the living God

Sarah Clark
01 March, 2006 1 min read

The edge of known reality and beyond

A common topic of conversation among my fellow students is the origin and reasons for existence of our world. The edge of known reality is a very helpful and easy-to-read book on just this subject for young people — both Christians and non-Christians.

The book is clearly laid out and covers many different issues. It looks firstly at what Jonathan Skinner calls ‘the stuffers’ — people who only believe in things they can see (‘stuff’).

He goes on to point out the problems with the stuffers’ ideas. Relating them to the Big Bang theory of the universe, he asks what went bang if there was nothing concrete there for them to see?

He then goes through different issues and the faults with many creation theories. Topics include subjects such as UFOs, evolution, and paganism. Each of these sections is backed up by factual data and is worked through logically.

Every example used is well referenced and it is obvious a lot of time and thought has been put into the arguments. While this book takes an academic approach to these issues, it is very easy to read and understand.

Jonathan Skinner, however, does not stop there. Having worked through various theories of origins, he goes on to explain, clearly and in detail, the account of creation that we find in the Bible.

He provides insight into how there has to be a greater Being in order for this world to exist and how it is not possible for life to have occurred without divine intervention, that is, without God. But he reasons for the existence and presence of a God who is not only all-powerful but also personal.

Reasons for trusting the Bible’s authority are looked into, including the fulfilment of prophecies and dating of scrolls. The last chapter explains the gospel message in an understandable and very readable way.

I recommend you to read it for yourself!

The edge of known reality and beyond

is published by Evangelical Press (96 pages; £4.95; ISBN 0-85234-600-X).

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