Summer sharing

Rebecca Ainscough
01 November, 2006 1 min read

Throughout the summer there are various organisations that enable Christians of all ages to go out in UK and even other lands to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This summer I took part in the United Beach Mission at Benllech on Anglesey, working with other like-minded Christians to take the gospel to children and adults on the beach.

Throughout the week, team members try to build relationships with the children who come every day, and also talk to their parents about why we are there. During my week the team were really encouraged by the 53 families who came to our evening programme and stayed to hear a short gospel message. Many of us had good conversations about the things of the Bible.

Elsewhere, many other camps and outreach activities also take place over the summer, with hundreds of children and adults taking part, either as campers or as leaders. On many of these camps the Bible’s message is clearly preached. Over the summer I have met many amazing Christians who have encouraged me by their zeal to bring the gospel to those who are ignorant of it. Not only have they strengthened my faith, but they have become my friends – hopefully for a long while yet.

All around the country churches were praying for these evangelistic endeavours and were encouraged to see and hear all that had been done through outreach missions over the summer.

I would like to challenge you to think seriously and prayerfully about what you could do for the Lord next summer. In UK currently we are free to go out and share the gospel, but that chance may not always be there. It is our prayer at the Youth Supplement that you will consider serving the Lord in this way.

But if you do go, you must live for the Lord day by day, with the same enthusiasm I saw on the beach this year – whether you are at camp, on a mission or in your local surroundings.

And finally, continue to pray for the organisations that work so hard all year round to make it possible for us to go out and share the great and glorious gospel of our Lord.

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