Survival Tips for Mums: Practical ideas for thriving in the early years of motherhood

Survival Tips for Mums: Practical ideas for thriving in the early years of motherhood
Ros Cox
17 November, 2020 1 min read

This is a great little book for anyone about to become a mum or in the first few years of motherhood. It’s honest about the challenges, but full of gentle, practical advice in the face of them.

The first half of the book shows how mothers need to look after themselves in order to be fully equipped to look after their families. It looks first at mental health, with some helpful ideas for when the list of demands on you seems never-ending. The second chapter, on physical health, explains honestly what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth, and the early days of life with a new-born.

The author then issues a challenge on spiritual health, including how to cultivate and deepen your relationship with God on days when you are exhausted and a ‘quiet’ time might be anything but that! Finally there is a chapter on social health, including social media, marriage, and hospitality.

The second half of the book is an A-Z of looking after your children and home, covering topics like clutter, money, potty training, ideas for dreary days, and lots more. It’s short, very readable, and full of warm, practical advice. I loved how down to earth she was!

This book is not a handbook that covers every scenario, but rather one mum’s experience of having and bringing up six little children. It will encourage all mums of young children by reminding them of their high calling from God, and it gives much helpful advice to undertake this responsibility well. I wish it had been available when I started my parenting journey!

Ros Cox

Nelson, South Wales

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