Syrian conflict

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 November, 2012 1 min read

Syrian conflict

Barnabas Fund is calling on Christians to remember, pray and donate as many Christians in Syria have been pushed into refugee status by the conflict.
   As the border shelling between Turkey and Syria intensifies, together with the civil war already raging within Syria’s borders, the minority Christian population is running out of water, food and safe places to hide.
   The Christian charity’s campaign, ‘There is a church in Syria’, is also calling on world leaders to recognise the displacement of Christians caught up in the warzone.
   In a statement on its web site, Barnabas Fund wrote that Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama made key statements at the UN about the conflict in Syria: ‘They both spoke strongly against President Bashar al-Assad and condemned the atrocities committed by his troops, calling for regime change.
   ‘But there was no word about the grave abuses being committed by the opposition forces, whom Britain, the US and other Western powers are supporting’.
   The editorial claimed that, just over a week before Mr Cameron and Mr Obama addressed the UN, Human Rights Watch released a report that documented evidence of armed opposition groups in Syria subjecting detainees to ill treatment and torture, and committing extrajudicial or summary executions.
   The statement added: ‘Nobody made any mention of the terrible plight of the Christian community in Syria, which has been deliberately targeted by the rebels from almost the very beginning of the 18-month uprising’.

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