Tell all the World

Tell all the World
Timothy Alford
31 August, 2011 2 min read

The editors of this appeal for church-based mission for the twenty-first century have brought together the thoughts of twelve different contributors. Each of them is qualified to specialise in their given subjects, and succeed in producing aninstructive insight into 150 years of cross-cultural mission. For the first century of its existence India was the focus of the Strict Baptist Mission, now known as the Grace Baptist Mission.

Part 2 of this publication sets out to put Mission in context. It does so with references to modern India, France, Europe, the Arab world, Latin America, the Philippines, and Britain. Within the inevitable limitations of their part in this global scene, the writer of each chapter succeeds in presenting valuable insights and relevant challenges. The comments on ‘bridge-building’ in chapter 7 deserve attention, being both practical and corrective where insularity limits the evangelistic impact made by our churches.

Part 3 is entitled ‘Good practice in mission’, and is such a good statement of the Biblical principles and patterns required of the local church as the sending agency. The relationship between the church and missionary is sometimes obscured, even hindered, by extra-church organisations. It may also be impaired by individualism on the part of the missionary. So this conclusion of the book is a blue-print for best practice.

But it is Part 1 in particular that gives this publication is real value. In five chapters by Sukesh Pabari the Biblical principals of mission receive thorough and much-needed consideration. With extensive references to the Scriptures, and careful application, here is a powerful correction to shallow thinking about numerous issues affecting the spread of the Gospel. It is not all comfortable reading, and what is said about working with others may disturb denominational pride or prejudice.

‘Tell all the world’ is a call to action, and I would like to see it as a handbook on Mission in the hands of all church members. Tremendous opportunities face us in today’s world, and to quote this book ‘This surely is the mindset that God demands of His people; not the mindset of those who are ‘besieged’ but of those who are ‘on the offensive’.

Timothy G. Alford


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