Tent-missioning in south Romania

Tent-missioning in south Romania
Matei Branistareanu
30 April, 2013 1 min read

It is a great joy and privilege to present to you our very important work among local churches in the south of Romania, in the counties of Giurgiu and Teleorman. These counties are about 80 kms south of the capital, Bucharest.

We are a relatively young team of believers who are involved in evangelistic work among children during the summer school holidays. We also work among unsaved adults. In southern Romania there are literally hundreds of villages and larger communities where there is no evangelical church or testimony.

This coming summer will be the third summer that we do gospel outreach work using a large tent. Last summer over 1000 children attended the tent meetings and many unsaved young people and adults came to listen to the preaching of the gospel in the evenings.

God willing, we will commence gospel tent meeings during the last weekend in April, and this tent mission will continue until September, in the counties of Giurgiu, Teleorman, Argeº and Vâlcea.

We covet your earnest prayers, that the Lord would greatly help, strengthen, encourage and bless in the salvation of the lost, and give us courage in sowing the good seed of the Word of God. We invite you as brothers, sisters and young people, to stand with us in prayer fellowship.

I greet you from Psalm 68:13. If you are interested to find out more details about this work, please contact me by email ( or on Facebook.

Matei Branistareanu

Danube River Ministries

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