Thankful for partners: Zimbabwe Partnership Trust

Thankful for partners: Zimbabwe Partnership Trust
Source: ZPT
Jon Spalding
20 May, 2023 2 min read

I will never forget talking to a clean and tidily-dressed young man in Bulawayo Baptist Church when I was there some years ago, amazed to discover he had no Bible. The 20 US dollars required was simply out of his reach.

As it is for many in Zimbabwe, every day was simply a struggle to pay for the bare necessities of life.

Since 2011, Zimbabwe Partnership Trust (ZPT) has continued to develop links with partners both in the UK and Zimbabwe itself in order to bring relief to our needy brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

The Trinitarian Bible Society is one such partner. It has given grants of Bibles faithfully translated into both the main Shona and Ndbele languages spoken in Zimbabwe.

The Christian charity ‘Tools with a mission’ also engaged with us to send consignments of refurbished tools to the Zimbabwean charity ‘Fountain of Hope Foundation’, enabling and equipping them to reach out to some of the many Zimbabwean young people who have grown up on the streets as orphans – many turning to delinquency, crime, and prostitution to provide for themselves.

Fountain of Hope has also been partnering with ZPT to build a clinic in a remote area to provide medical help to the district with a population of around 19,000 people.

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