Norman Perry
01 April, 1995 1 min read

The Calvary road was long and hard, The Calvary road was lonely; Christ trod this road, bruised, battle-scarred, And he could tread it only.

He turned not back when fierce the fight, Nor thought he of surrender; He scoffing bore and cruel spite, For love of the offender.

On to the bitter cross he went, Our sins upon him bearing; Silent, submissive, innocent, A crown of sharp thorns wearing.

Then came the end, but O that end Was a sublime beginning; It crowned a life that would not bend, A life that knew no sinning.

He lived and died a perfect man, Who never sin committed; Fulfilled salvation’s wondrous plan That sin might be remitted.

What he endured at Calvary, His sorrow, pain and groaning, His blood out poured upon the tree, Were all for our atoning.

O Calvary! where Jesus died, The place of his distressing; Beneath that cross we would abide, It is the place of blessing.

Let sinners bow their heads in shame, While here at Calvary kneeling; See at the cross love’s quenchless flame, The heart of God revealing

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