The Cross of Jesus: How Christ understood his crucifixion

The Cross of Jesus: How Christ understood his crucifixion
Paul Irving
23 April, 2021 1 min read

Warren Wiersbe was primarily known for his work in radio ministry, and published a large number of books rooted in evangelical, biblical truth.

A striking feature of The Cross of Jesus is its basic, straightforward approach to the centrality of the cross in evangelism. Most chapters revolve around how Jesus saw the work of the atonement, including the words he spoke as he was crucified.

There are no sophisticated arguments or stories in Wierbe’s approach, and one is reminded of his solid exposition as he unpacks New Testament passages in relation to his theme. I appreciated afresh the love of God expressed by the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary, and was reminded of the blessings of being a believer.

This book would be a valuable tool in evangelism with enquirers, but it will also refresh Christians who need to see again the power of God revealed through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul Irving

Lytham St. Annest

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