The devastation of abortion

The devastation of abortion
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
20 June, 2019 2 min read

News that abortion numbers have hit a record high in England and Wales is devastating. It’s devastating to the lives that have been lost. It’s devastating to the women who have gone through those procedures. It’s devastating to society as a whole. But worst of all, its devastating in the sight of God – the giver of life.

As evangelicals who believe the Bible, we know that life begins at conception. In the Psalms David can say he was sinful from the moment his mother conceived him, because that’s when his life began. Most compellingly of all, Jesus was incarnated as an embryo in Mary’s womb not as a baby in the manger.

But by God’s common grace, you don’t need to believe the Bible to know that life begins at conception. Despite the propaganda from the pro-abortion lobby that an unborn baby is just a lifeless collection of cells, people instinctively know life when they see it.

A vast amount of money is spent sending the latest technology to Mars and other places in space to search for signs of ‘life’. If the slightest molecule was detected, the whole world would herald the discovery.

News from America, reported in this month’s ET by Ben Wilkerson (see p.24), is heartening. A new film, based on a true story, shows what happens when an abortion clinic manager comes face-to-face with the reality of an abortion. She becomes pro-life.

A number of American states have passed laws restricting abortions so that terminations cannot be carried out on babies with a heartbeat. There is a chance these laws could be challenged in federal court, and so the issue of abortion may well end up at the US Supreme Court. Maybe, just maybe, the Roe v Wade ruling (which legalised abortion throughout America in the 70s) will be curtailed.

The new pro-life laws in these American states have so angered pro-abortionists that some big media and entertainment companies have threatened to pull their businesses out of those places that passed the legislation to protect babies. Such is the twisted morality of the modern world.

Internationally, sex-selective abortions are widespread. Here in the UK the authorities are developing further tests which will increase the likelihood of aborting more babies with Down’s syndrome. Our society likes to pride itself on protecting minorities, unless they’re in the womb. May God open our society’s eyes to the devastation of abortion.

ET staff writer
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