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The Face of Jesus Christ

The Face of Jesus Christ
Jeff Haskins
30 June, 2016 1 min read

In the introduction, the publisher states, ‘It is hoped that young preachers will be here helped to see the kind of preaching that has led so many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ’.

We were made aware of a biography of Archibald Brown (1844-1922) at a recent Banner of Truth conference. These sermons were preached during Brown’s ministry years in London.

This book is a delight to read. The 20 sermons are beautifully crafted. They focus on the Lord Jesus, are grounded in Scripture and stir up love and affection for Christ.

Mr Brown often made his sermons personal and knew how to bring the point graciously home, with picturesque illustrations and pointed applications.

Some of his sermons draw you in to become a participant, as if you were either in the crowd listening or at the event being described. Here is an example: ‘But this same face was a face shrouded in death. You get this from John 20:7. We learn from this, that that dear, outraged face of Jesus Christ had been wrapped all around with a napkin and hidden in death. Let me ask you to come and view the site.

You must go into the garden, and make your way into the sepulchre. The Roman soldiers will not stop us; we need not be afraid of them’. Why read a book containing sermons? These sermons are challenging and practical but, above all, biblical. That is exactly what is needed today. Maybe this is what the publisher means by preaching that saves. This book is highly recommended.

Jeff Haskins


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