The Gospel as Taught by Calvin

The Gospel as Taught by Calvin
The Gospel As Taught By Calvin
Malcolm Evans
01 October, 2009 1 min read

This is a small book of eight chapters, just republished by the Banner of Truth. It was written by an American Presbyterian who died in 1925. This means that the language is at times a little dated. However, I would still commend this book.

After a brief historical introduction, five chapters primarily follow the five points of Calvinism. They are entitled: ‘The fatal image’ –– considering sin; ‘An opened heart’ –– looking at grace; ‘First choice’ –– covering election; ‘Boundary lines’ –– examining election’s limits; and ‘Grace linked to glory’ –– on perseverance.

Each chapter looks at the teaching of Pelagius, Arminius and Calvin, where appropriate, and the relevant Scripture is clearly brought out in each case.

The last two chapters are ‘Calvinism tested by love’ and ‘Calvinism tested by fruits’. These answer objections which have been raised against Calvinistic doctrines, by looking at the effects on society where these have been believed and acted upon.

I do not see the book as generally suitable for non-Christians, but it would be helpful for anyone struggling with the issues raised. It will also benefit Christians by clarifying what they believe, from a biblical basis.

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