The Great Reset

The Great Reset
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, WEF | WEF/Pascal Bitz
Stephen Rees
Stephen Rees Stephen Rees is pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Stockport.
24 February, 2021 14 min read

During the last year, there was one phrase that I heard more and more often. I saw it on advertising screens. I heard it on the lips of politicians. I read it in opinion pieces in the newspapers. The phrase was this: The Great Reset. In the end I decided I should find out what it was all about.

It wasn’t difficult to get information. I very quickly found out that the phrase was coined by an organisation that calls itself the ‘World Economic Forum’. Go to the WEF website and you’ll find it everywhere. And there are whole books if you get tired of staring at web pages. In fact, a friend sent me one for a Christmas present: a book entitled Covid-19: The Great Reset, written by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret and published by Forum Publishing in June 2020.


The phrase The Great Reset means what it says. The WEF believes that the whole world needs a great reset. All the world’s social, economic, industrial, political, and environmental structures need to be drastically reconstructed. And the time has come to do it.

“Stakeholder capitalism,” a model I first proposed a half-century ago, positions private corporations as trustees of society, and is clearly the best response to today’s social and environmental challenges… Klaus Schwab
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