The ministry of Evangelical Times

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 October, 2012 2 min read

The ministry of Evangelical Times

The July 2012 edition of ET set out in full a credal statement called The Cambridge Declaration, as drawn up in 1996 by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE), in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
   This statement, along with those commonly held doctrines in the major Reformed confessions, expresses this newspaper’s own theological stance. ET readers can download and study The Cambridge Declaration for themselves from the web sites of either ET or the ACE.
   Readers are also invited to read, in the paragraphs below, ET’s recently formulated ‘mission statement’.
   This mission statement expresses the aims that the directors and editors strive to achieve in all of ET’s publications, including its monthly hard copy and online editions, the quarterly Evangelical Times International and the ET Perspectives booklets.
   The directors and editors recognise they can only live up to such a statement by the grace and enabling of almighty God. They, therefore, request the regular prayers of readers, that the Lord would prosper ET in its various forms and editions, as sources of ministry, challenge and edification to all who read them.
   There are many thousands across the world who read ET, including non-Christians, persecuted Christians, confused Christians, Christians eager to serve the Lord, and some Christians who can scarcely afford Christian books.
   Pray that, whether in the UK or beyond, it may be an instrument of blessing, help and salvation, in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission statement

‘Evangelical Times is a Christian publishing company and charitable trust committed to the dissemination of biblical Christianity throughout the world, particularly through its hard copy and online English language newspapers.

‘Biblical Christianity centres upon the glorious redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and only mediator between God and man, as expounded by the doctrines of grace. True Christianity proclaims that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. It is unique, distinct and different from all other religious systems, including unbiblical ecumenism and multifaith.

‘Evangelical Times is committed, as a matter of primary importance, to disseminating this biblical gospel, both evangelistically for the salvation of non-Christians and didactically for the edification of Christian believers.

‘Evangelical Times also aims to impart a biblical world view, to enable Christians to live and witness effectively for Christ and to promote their compassionate action for all humankind in a fallen and suffering world.

‘Evangelical Times is committed to promoting true biblical ecumenism. It, therefore, avoids the unnecessary polemicising of secondary differences between Reformed evangelical believers.

‘In all its activities, Evangelical Times’ objective is to support and not supplant the role of local gospel churches.’

ET staff writer
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