The Mother who seeks after God: Daily Devotions for Busy Mums

The Mother who seeks after God: Daily Devotions for Busy Mums
The Mother Who Seeks After God
Naomi Seymour
01 March, 2008 1 min read

Every mother knows it is a struggle to maintain her quiet time with a young and growing family. Many other ‘urgent’ things seem to take over, and the quiet time is squeezed out.

Laura Martin reminds mothers that ‘nothing else really falls into place until your relationship with the Lord is right’. It is important to run an orderly household, care for your husband and children, and help others – but these actions must flow out of a heart whose priority is to seek the Lord.

This book contains 30 topical devotional readings specifically aimed at mothers, showing how the basics of Christian living still matter in the busyness of daily life.

The author covers a broad range of subjects including: worship, beauty, trust, perseverance and wisdom. Each chapter has a verse, devotional reflections, a prayer, further verses and questions for deeper study.

This book is suitable for new mothers, for mothers struggling with quiet times, or a mother who is seeking to breathe new life into her devotional times.

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