The Something Delusion

The Something Delusion
Matthew Pickhaver
Matthew Pickhaver Matthew Pickhaver, an Associate Lecturer and Communications Manager with Biblical Creation Trust, holds a BSc in Zoology from University College London. He preaches regularly in Norfolk.
30 June, 2024 1 min read

Authors: Nigel Jones
Publisher: DayOne
510 pages
Purchase from: DayOne (£15)

My former tutor, geneticist Steve Jones, once said that creationists should be forbidden to be medical doctors because creationism’s claims fly in the face of science. Nigel Jones proves him spectacularly wrong in this book. Partly a memoir, recounting a successful 38-year career as a surgeon followed by ten years teaching medical ethics, it’s also the story of a personal journey to a Christian – and creationist – worldview.

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