The Trinity and Us

The Trinity and Us
Jan Rhys
22 April, 2022 1 min read

Publisher: Covenant Books UK
126 pages
Purchase from: Amazon (£5.99)

John Legg’s desired audience for this book is not only ‘theologians, scholars, or preachers… [but] the ordinary Christian, the so-called man or woman in the pew’ (p.9).

His focus is on how the doctrine of the Trinity ‘should saturate the daily life of the Christian, both individually and in the church’ (p.10). Considering a number of Scripture passages, the author shows how this belief encourages us to faith, worship, adoration, and especially practical living in respect to each person of the Trinity.

The first chapter describes our one God in three Persons who share in the divine work, but each with his own special role. Further chapters discuss the differing contributions of each Person in the life of the believer through salvation, the gift of grace, communion, the church, motivation to godliness, and witness.

Legg shows the practical impact which these truths should have on us; for example, the work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our salvation should bring strength and comfort in times of persecution (1 Peter 1:1-2).

The book ends with the ‘Trinitarian benediction’, an assurance from God that as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, he will give us all that we need to meet the challenges of the coming days.

This book is very readable, and helpful in applying an important doctrine to our everyday lives. As the chapters were originally sermons, the style is conversational and there is some overlap and repetition. However this does not detract from their important message, which makes for highly recommended reading.

Jan Rhys

South Wales

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