The Works of William Bridge, 5 volumes

The Works of William Bridge, 5 volumes
Crawford Gribben
Crawford Gribben Crawford Gribben is a cultural and literary historian whose work concentrates on the development and dissemination of religious ideas, especially in terms of apocalyptic and millennial thought.
31 October, 2023 4 min read

Author: William Bridge
Publisher: Banner of Truth
2330 pages
Purchase from: Banner of truth (£85.00)

Well, if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already decided that you need these books. The good news is that you’re probably right. So here’s what you need to do. First, clear five inches on your bookshelf and make sure it’s well supported: William Bridge’s theology isn’t heavy, but these books certainly are!

Second, get rid of the dust jackets and place the books with all your other Puritan volumes: after all, nothing says ‘I am a Calvinist’ like neatly ordered hardbacks with gold-embossed titles. And third – although for many investors this might seem to be optional – start reading.

I know, it’s a curious idea. Reformed publishers produce huge numbers of books. Lots of them seem to sell – even to sell well. And there are homes up and down the country where these books are preserved in disappointingly excellent condition. So if you buy these books – and you should – then you really ought to read them. But what would you gain from doing so?

Well, you would get to know one of the most important of the Puritans – a man who gave up his country for his conscience; a member of the Westminster Assembly; and one of the most pastoral preachers among the English Independents.

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