Track: A Student’s Guide to Apologetics

Track: A Student’s Guide to Apologetics
Ieuan Richards
28 August, 2023 1 min read

Author: Stephen Nichols
Publisher: Christian Focus
Pages: 93
Purchase from: Christian Focus (£3.99)

‘Apologetics’ introduces key topics which provide a framework for approaching apologetics: the need for apologetics; the use of general revelation; the reliability of the Bible; and the uniqueness of Christ and his centrality in the gospel message. This is brought together to present a cohesive gospel message, before concluding by pointing the reader to the God who is sovereign over our evangelistic efforts.

The Track series aims to present biblical truth concerning ‘culture, doctrine, and the Christian life’ in an accessible manner. These titles deal with issues which are essential for modern Christian life, especially for students, who often find themselves confronted by worldly living and anti-Christian sentiment.

These books are eminently readable, written from a Reformed perspective, and simple without being simplistic, although at times I found myself wishing for a little more detail. They are best read slowly, looking up the Scripture references and actively considering how to respond to the issues discussed.

Christian students who read, heed, and pray through these books will be greatly benefitted.

Ieuan Richards


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