Transfiguration and Transformation

Transfiguration and Transformation
Kevin Bidwell
Kevin Bidwell Kevin is the minister of Sheffield Presbyterian Church.
06 August, 2023 1 min read

Author: Hywel Jones
Publisher: Banner of Truth
224 pages
Purchase from: Banner of Truth (£12.00)

The twin themes of transfiguration and transformation are probably underplayed. When did you last meditate on the transfiguration as a motivation for transformation, to then live a more holy life before the Triune God?

The first half of the book handles the transfiguration of Jesus, recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke’s Gospels. One highlight is the treatment of the purpose of the transfiguration. In relation to Jesus and his disciples, the ‘transfiguration was intended to convince the disciples that Jesus was going to die…’  In relation to the disciples, the ‘transfiguration was intended to prepare them for their deaths’.

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