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Voices from the Past Vol 2

Voices from the Past Vol 2
Alan Wells Alan Wells served as an elder at Welcome Hall Church in Bromsgrove.
31 August, 2017 1 min read

This book consists of selections from around 30 authors from the Puritan era, arranged as daily readings. The editor has condensed and abridged the extracts, seeking to remain faithful to the authors’ flows of thought. Each day’s section is headed by an appropriate verse.

One cannot argue with the quality of the material here. This is a distilled compendium of wisdom from godly men who lived in a better age than our own. However, it is noticeable that not all the Bible texts match closely with the thoughts that follow them. This is not surprising, as the original writings come from a variety of contexts. Most range over a number of Scriptures as they develop a theme. It sometimes seems as if the chosen texts have been tagged on.

This is not necessarily a problem, but it does mean that the book is not quite what it initially appears. Rather than being an aid to understanding and meditating on specific Scripture verses, it is a daily taste of the Puritan approach to the Christian life.

My guess is that most people drawn to this volume would already be familiar with some of the authors. I am not sure how well it will do in ‘selling’ the Puritans to those who don’t already know them. However, it has the potential to refresh the daily routine and provide something of substance as a help to meditation.

Alan Wells


Alan Wells served as an elder at Welcome Hall Church in Bromsgrove.
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