Welcome to the Virtual Museum

Andrew Rowell
Andrew Rowell The author is pastor of Grace Evangelical Church, Carlisle.
01 November, 2010 1 min read

Welcome to the Virtual Museum

Towards a post-Darwinian view: some of the evidence

This ‘Virtual Museum’ was created by the organisation ‘Genesis Agendum’ a charity existing to promote the historical and scientific evidence in support of the Bible. The aim of the museum is to provide up to date, scientific evidence that indicates the inadequacy of a naturalistic Darwinian view of the world.

The web site consists of four ‘galleries’. Each gallery has a number of web pages containing information and images which can be magnified and printed. Each page presents a well argued case and includes the relevant references from books and peer reviewed research papers.

The orientation gallery examines the development of Darwin’s theory and highlights the important issue of the lack of transitional fossils.

The knowledge gallery provides an introduction to the way in which our knowledge is developed to form a ‘paradigm’. A paradigm is the framework in which scientific results are understood. A dominant paradigm, one which has been accepted by a large majority of scientists, can influence the way in which subsequent results are interpreted.

The reorientation gallery examines the common views of scientists with regard to the origin of the universe, deep time, the origin of life and the origin of the diversity of living organisms on the planet. In each of these areas there are serious difficulties in making the materialistic models work.

The final part of the web site, the paradigm crisis gallery, presents five areas of research in which there is a challenge to the naturalistic or Darwinian paradigm.

The study of all living organisms (including ourselves) in all UK secondary schools is now based on a materialistic and Darwinian view of reality. This resource provides beautifully presented, accurate information and images which can be used by pupils to counteract this view in their lessons. This information highlights the serious problems that confront the naturalistic Darwinist view arising from the scientific data itself.

Andrew Rowell

Andrew Rowell
The author is pastor of Grace Evangelical Church, Carlisle.
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