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Jason Ramsey
01 March, 2006 1 min read

It’s one thing to have ideas but it can be a nightmare to carry them through. It was my suggestion that Evangelical Times should do a Youth Supplement but I was really surprised when one of the Editors e-mailed me to say that they would give it a try.

That was great because I want to see youth sold out for God and loving his word. And to have something in ET written by young people for young people would be helpful for young and old alike!

As a youth leader, and a young person myself, I firmly believe in the need to reach out to the youth of today — and I believe even more in the God who was ‘our hope in ages past’ and is still our hope today. So I commend this first YS to you and hope it will prove popular with teenagers (and others, perhaps?)

Anyway, let us have your feedback. If you think we could have done a better job, why not tell us how? And if you are a teenager and want to write something for a future YS, ask your pastor or other church leader to submit it for you — just to ensure that it’s not only cool but suitable as well!

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