Were You There? See Jesus’ cross and resurrection through the eyes of those who were there

Were You There? See Jesus’ cross and resurrection through the eyes of those who were there
Gladys Nash Gladys lives in Northampton.
03 April, 2022 1 min read

Publisher: DayOne Publications
ISBN: 978-1-84625-682-0

An old slave song was the inspiration for this book which aims to dispel any doubts about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ Clearly none of us were, and many sceptics would deny that it really happened. How do we answer them? Here, in fifteen short chapters, we encounter some of those who witnessed the Lord’s death: Pilate trying to please everyone, the chief priests and rulers with their own agenda, and the murderous crowd; but also Joseph of Arimathea, the disciple John, Jesus’s mother Mary, the dying thief – and many more.

We see jealousy, politics, murder, and legalism, a crowd manipulated and passions roused, but also penitence, love, and weeping. By reading the accounts of their words and actions, readers will be increasingly convinced that they are true, and gain an understanding of how they changed history.

‘Were you there when he rose up from the grave?’ In this second part we read of many who saw the resurrected Lord. They spoke and ate with him, were comforted and taught by him, worshipped him and declared their love for him. Meeting the risen Jesus changed the fearful to fearless, the sad to excited, the tearful to rejoicing, the doubting to trusting, and – in the case of Saul – the murderous to the penitent.

The way of salvation is explained clearly and faithfully in each chapter. This helps to put the book into context, though some could find the frequent repetition of the message distracting.

This excellent book is easy to read. It will encourage the believer to engage more readily with the sceptic, and help dispel the doubts of those who are still unconvinced.

Gladys Nash

Gladys lives in Northampton.
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