Westminster, USA, cutbacks

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 April, 2012 1 min read

Westminster, USA, cutbacks

The Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS) has been forced to downsize and carry out cost-cutting measures to enable it to continue its mission to educate people globally from the Scriptures.
    According to the latest newsletter, US-based WTS, which has been carrying out its ministry of reformed theological education for more than 80 years, has suffered a ‘significant downturn in contribution income’ and faces ‘looming challenges’.
   The newsletter said, ‘The reality of a lean economy has brought unprecedented pressure.  Like other non-profit organisations in this country, Westminster has suffered significant downturn in contribution income and faces looming challenges.
   ‘In order to sustain our Westminster legacy, we must face this economic situation with honesty, implementing the appropriate austerity measures. We have reduced our staff size and carried out other strategic cost-cutting initiatives, including a seminary-wide reorganisation.
   ‘These painful reductions serve not as bailing measures on a sinking vessel, but rather deliberate steps to ensure the ongoing integrity of Westminster’s flagship theological education’.
   WTS’s newsletter added that the organisation would continue to use wisely the resources that the Lord has provided, and pledged its commitment to ‘fulfil our mission to educate gospel driven leaders to affect our world with the unchanging truths of God’s Word’.

ET staff writer
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