Who What Why: Slavery series

Who What Why: Slavery series
Elizabeth Farquhar
19 February, 2024 2 min read

Authors: Danika Cooley
Publisher: Christian Focus
90 pages
Purchase from: Christian Focus (£6.99)

This inspiring series will awaken children and parents to the amazing way God used his people to stand up against slavery and change minds, hearts, and laws towards bringing it to an end. 

Each book centres on a key biblical concept which shaped the actions of Christian abolitionists. 

Why Did Slavery End? explores the history of slavery around the world and shows how God brought about emancipation in different places through Christians who took seriously his command to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’. Some examples of slavery in recent history are also covered; it isn’t just a rosy picture as the title might imply. However, modern slavery isn’t examined.

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