Will the Cass Review really change anything?

Will the Cass Review really change anything?
Hilary Cass | Sky News
Mike Judge
Mike Judge Mike Judge. Editor of Evangelical Times, and pastor of Chorlton Evangelical Church in Manchester.
25 April, 2024 2 min read

The Cass Review into the gender treatment of young people – which has found that the NHS has been in the grip of transgender activists – is a step in the right direction. So too are the remarks by one brave BBC News journalist who says the national broadcaster must shoulder part of the blame for creating a one-sided narrative on this issue. But even he had to write under a pseudonym for fear of losing his job. The question is, will anything actually change?

The Cass Review delivers devastating blow to transgender movement
The National Health Service has been driven by activist ideology rather than sound medical evidence in the way it has been treating young people experiencing gender confusion, a landmark independent review has found.

Already, two new NHS gender clinics have been opened for treating young people, one in London and one in Liverpool. Meanwhile, the current government is still pressing ahead with plans to ban conversion practices, which will inhibit people’s freedom to speak out on these issues, although there is very little time for the government to legislate before the next election.

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