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Jason and Abi Ramsey
01 August, 2010 2 min read

Awesome on the inside

When I saw the cover of Awesome on the inside I thought, ‘This isn’t the sort of book I would read’. But I’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover, so I started reading. And it turns out, Awesome on the inside really is awesome on the inside! I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

OK, so I know what you’re thinking. How can two people write an article? Well, Jason originally read the book and gave it to Abi to review. But because of the nature of the book he felt that it needed a male touch alongside Abi’s helpful thoughts on this wonderful book.

Awesome on the inside really relates to teenagers both male and female. For example, the book deals comprehensively with the problem of self-image. What once seemed to be a female problem is these days across the sexes. We all want to look and feel good, and the writer deals with the cultural need to impress people through self-image rather than personality.

The important bits in the book are easy to see. They are laid out in bold type. It’s helpful if you have a notebook to write these down as you go through, and then you can stick them on your wall. The Bible passages are written in the text so you don’t need to go and find your Bible (and we all know how lazy teenagers are!).

There are three main principles that the book follows all the way through, relating these three really biblical principles to all the areas of a Christian’s life, from how they look at themselves to how they act around others.

The tone is aimed right at you; like this quote – ‘Pray! That’s it? YES! That’s it!’ – explaining how Christians can have the power of the Holy Spirit. And, of course, it has nice pictures!

How many books have you read that have left you enthused but lost? But this book is intensely practical. It puts things in steps for you, steps like ‘four steps to a passionate heart’. It’s easy to read, has a lovely style, and finally we have a book that really does make you laugh.

This will tell you what to do to ‘get’ a heart that is – powerful, prayerful, passionate, pure, positive and pumping!

You really need to ‘spread it out’. Don’t read it all in one go (like Abi did) because you can’t digest it properly.

The work we do at ET is aimed at getting young people to read good literature that will teach and encourage them and help them grow. This book does that. A MUST READ SOON for all teenagers. Turn off the computer and sit down to read it. It will grab you, I promise.

Jason and Abi Ramsey

Awesome on the inside by Tim Hawkins in published by the Good Book Company (144 pages; £7; ISBN: 9780958184311)

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