Youth Column – “I will not apologise for the real Jesus”

Jason Ramsey
01 February, 2010 2 min read

Youth Column

Jason Ramsey kicks off this new youth column (and, incidentally, introduces Re:formation, an organisation he is involved with).

Thank you Jason! We invite any other young people with a Christian theme burning in their heart to put it into words and send it to ET.

“I will not apologise for the real Jesus”

This phrase occurred to me the other evening as I was out walking and praying. I had been recalling in my mind the many ‘Christian’ leaders I had seen on TV talk shows and radio shows and how disappointed I had been by some of the things I heard.

Why is it that so many feel the need to apologise for the real Jesus – the Jesus of the Bible?

It is only ever the real Jesus that we need to apologise for, it seems. The Jesus who teaches homosexuality is wrong, they say; the Jesus who talks of sin and an eternity in hell for all who do not bow the knee to him.

Why is it that we feel under pressure over these truths? The answer is simple – the world hates Jesus. It can take certain fragments of his teaching when convenient but, in reality, it hates him. His existence pricks consciences.


They know he is Lord of lords, yet they are in open rebellion to him. Jesus, with his exclusive claims as Saviour and Lord, as portrayed in the Bible, is sickening to a post-modern world.

So the temptation is for Christians to major only on his more popular teachings so as not to lose contact with the people they’re talking to. But if we do that, we break the Second Commandment; we have made an idol for ourselves out of our own imagination, by softening off the harder edges from the real Jesus.

We will never win the lost until we rely unashamedly on the truth of the gospel. The gospel is only good news once God has convicted someone of their sin. Until then the message of the cross will seem foolishness.

We may not be popular if we proclaim that message, but we’ll be right. Commit yourself today to put yourself last, and Jesus first. Do not apologise for the real Jesus!

Re:formation is a group of young people who believe passionately in a high view of Scripture and a low view of man. Desiring theology and preaching above emotion driven clichés, they aim to produce music that is both theological and God honouring. If you would like to be kept updated, email

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