Youth Conference – Reaching out

Steve Stanley
01 June, 2010 1 min read

Reaching out

More than 130 young people attended the recent New Tribes Mission (NTM) Reach conference for 16-30 year olds. Held from 26-28 March at the NTM Bible missionary training centre in North Cotes, Lincolnshire, the weekend was quite simply amazing.

Over those few days we were faced with the reality that there are many people groups unreached by the gospel and were presented with the challenge to reach out and help them.

The weekend was made up of Bible teaching; reports from missionaries at home on furlough and on the field (via Skype); interactive rooms dedicated to specific countries – and some volleyball.

The Bible teaching was a firm reminder of the call we have to make disciples of all nations. We saw how the Lord Jesus Christ stepped out of his ‘comfort zone’ to reach needy people.

We heard reports from all over the world. I found the most overwhelming thing was just how big the need is for taking the gospel to all nations. I still find it hard to imagine that even today there are entire people groups without a Bible in their language, without any Christians to teach them, and with no way to hear how much God loves them.

The recurring message from every country was that there was so much to do, and far too few people to do it. A major burden came on my heart when the leaders showed us a letter from a tribe pleading for a missionary. They had signed it with thumb prints.

I am so thankful and filled with gladness at what the Lord has done in my life and how he has changed me. However, it’s heartbreaking to think there are people who need and want to know the God I know, but can’t because there isn’t anyone to tell them.

I had a great weekend and was made to think seriously about what I can do to help reach the unreached. Reach 2011 takes place on April 1-3 next year. Check out for details.

Steve Stanley

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