Youth Supplement – School CUs; why bother?

Heidi Simms
01 July, 2008 2 min read

School CUs; why bother?

All over the country there are hundreds of Christian Unions in schools and colleges. They rarely get much publicity – after all, they are likely to be small and struggling compared to the university CUs. And if this is the case, what’s the point in having a CU at this lower level? Isn’t it better to wait until we’re a bit older and a bit wiser – and there are a few more people?

No, because sharing the gospel is not an optional extra for any Christian; it’s something we’re commanded to do. We’re also commanded to help and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are not told to wait until we get to university to start proclaiming the good news of Christ. Every time we keep our mouths shut when the opportunity arises to say just one sentence about our beliefs, we could be depriving someone of the only opportunity they’ll ever get to hear about Christ.

But its not easy to say that sentence when there’s only you. And that’s the point of a CU – to be a meeting place for believers to strengthen and encourage one another – so we can go back into the classrooms and have the courage to stand up for our faith.

Ways to help

But what if your CU is small and seemingly ineffective? There are practical ways to improve the situation.

You could link up with a CU in another school, so you can meet more Christians and support one another. You should also try to link your CU to a local church – churches can be great places to recruit new CU members, find speakers and even use as venues for evangelistic events! More importantly, the CU can direct interested and newly converted people along to the church where the church fellowship can nurture them.

From personal experience I know how difficult CUs can be. I nearly gave up on my CU, but I look back and thank God that I didn’t, because I would have missed out on so much blessing. I’ve met people who know the problems of being a Christian in college because they’re in the same situation themselves.

We’ve encouraged, challenged and prayed for one another as well as shared and laughed together. And as a CU leader, I’ve been privileged to work with fellow believers, to have the freedom to think up and carry out evangelistic events, and to see prayers answered.

Be faithful

Life is never a bed of roses, especially if you’re a teenage Christian. Being involved in a CU won’t be easy and it may seem pointless at times when there are just a few of you who attend. But keep going – in Revelation, the church in Smyrna was told to ‘be faithful’. God will honour your faithfulness.

So what now? You may finish reading this article and decide to join a CU, get more involved, or even start your own – fantastic! Equally, you may just decide to opt out or go for minimal involvement. Choosing not to get involved

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