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Events – Liverpool church plant

May 2017 | by James Zenker

18 March marked the opening day of a new church plant: Breck Road Baptist Church in Liverpool. In 2015, Crown Christian Heritage Trust was contacted by the leadership of the ministry using the church building — the independent evangelical work had come to a point of decision about their future.

The desire of the trustees was to see this building continue to be used for gospel proclamation, instead of being sold for secular use or turned into a place of worship for a false religion. After agreements between the two trusteeships, the church property was turned over, free of charge, to the Crown Christian Heritage Trust. Beeches Road Baptist Chapel, Blackheath, was given the opportunity to send labourers to help a new work begin on Breck Road.

Seven years ago, Jared Kleman, a Bible college trainee at Crown Hall, was burdened to pray for Liverpool. So, after completing seminary in America and marrying Joy, they came to work at Beeches Road one year ago. During this time, the church had been praying for God to open doors for church-planting in the north of England.

When this opportunity came, the Klemans believed it was the leading of God. They especially have a burden to reach children and youth in Liverpool with the gospel. Prior to the opening service, the Klemans were able to attend and be encouraged by several evangelical churches in Liverpool.

Over 240 people from various parts of the UK attended the opening service. Special recognition was made of former pastor Richard Woods, who had served there for 26 years. After the service concluded, many attendees walked a few minutes to Everton Park, which overlooks the city of Liverpool, to ask God to bless those who faithfully labour in the gospel in the area.

Please join us in praying for Breck Road Baptist Church and the Klemans, as they seek to reach people in their area with the gospel. (More information at or Facebook @ccht and @BreckRoadBC).

James Zenker