Holiday Churches

Evangelical Times holds an extensive database of evangelical churches. Our readers find searching this list very useful when they are on holiday, or if they are moving to a new area to live or travelling on business.

All the churches included in ET listings on the understanding that they are genuinely evangelical in their position. For a church to be added to the list we ask that they be able to agree to this statement of faith

Update or add a new church

ET's Evangelical Church list is a free service. We do ask that information is regularly kept up to date. If you have an existing listing you can update it using this form. You also can use this form to add a new listing

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Invitation to list in the special Holiday Churches June edition of Evangelical Times

All churches in ET's litings are invited annually to place an advert for their church in the Evangelical Times prtinted Holiday Church edition. Invitations are sent by email in February of each year, with the deadline for inclusion usually by mid April

Display formats in print

Churches can choose from three display formats for their entry

See formats

Standard Entry £20

Example of a standard entry

Enhanced Entry £30

Example of an enhanced entry

Photo Entry £40

Example of a photo entry

A sample page from the June Holiday Church edition of Evangelical Times
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